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I want to block all guests and visitors that use interenet explorer.

Can someone create an add on that will display a notice to those that choose to use IE to view my domain, that they need to install a different browser in order to use our domain.

I have had so many complications, regardless of the scripts used, with internet explorer that I are gone when I view the domain with a different browser. I am just sick of using IE. and I could care less if I lose 50% of the traffic to my website if it means not having to worry about page display and other complications that are CONSTANT with IE browser.


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Did I mention I am sick of using/catering to the complications and illogial BS that comes with coding and the finicky bullcrap that is IE

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I think you need to be a bit more rational.

Everyone has IE users and the associated style issues that it causes. The solution is to do this: nothing.

If someone comes to you with a problem in a browser you don't support you just simply tell them: "that's expected with your version of browser. I recommend Chrome or Firefox. I will not be fixing this issue".

End of story.

You don't have to completely block people.

There's also this, which I created a while ago: This is a nice elegant banner which notifies the user their choice of browser isn't optimal. You can change the message to whatever you like.


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I want to block all guests and visitors that use interenet explorer.
Perfect way to alienate your existing users who access the site from work. There are many occasions where users don't have a choice as to what browser they use. Start blocking one browser over another and I'd be willing to bet you'd see a rather large portion of your user base flee for greener pastures.