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XF 1.1 Blank index

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by Lu Jia, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Lu Jia

    Lu Jia Active Member

    I have a blank page as index. I don't know why.
    I tryed to link the board to a fresh database and it works, so I guess is a database problem.
    The admin.php page works, I tryedto disable all addons. Nothing, any suggestions to resolve it?
  2. Nasr

    Nasr Well-Known Member

    Try rebuilding ur caches and master templates
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  3. Jeremy P

    Jeremy P Well-Known Member

    Go to yourboard.com/install/ and rebuild master data. Sounds like rebuilding didn't finish after installing a style/addon or something.
  4. Dan

    Dan Well-Known Member

    Blank pages could indicate suppressed PHP errors. Check your logs
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  5. Lu Jia

    Lu Jia Active Member

    How can I do it? Thanks in advance :)
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  6. Nasr

    Nasr Well-Known Member

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  7. Lu Jia

    Lu Jia Active Member

    Sorry I haven't see the reply ^^'

    Thanks for the tip, it works now!
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