XF 2.2 Blank home page (index.php) only for admin/ mods

My home page is coming up blank when I use admin account starting few hours ago (https://www.educatiaimpreuna.ro/forum/index.php) - didn't do any changes lately. I can access other pages directly by using page links and I can access ACP via direct link (don't have error in logs) but home page is blank (same for mods). When I log with a ~normal~ user account everything seems fine. Please help me out!

P.S: I'm a newbie when it comes to everything other than basic stuff but I'll try to understand what I have to do. Thank you!
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Most likely it's going to be related to a moderator function.

Is there a lot of content in the approval queue?

Disable all add-ons to rule out third party code.
Thank you Brogan!
The only thing that did work > I installed and moved to a new xenforo default template, copied the data I put in the extra.less of the ex. template and now it works and looks like before.
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