XF 2.2 Blank home page


Thanks and I understand about being on the mobile. That was me earlier today trying to troubleshoot the issue and it's difficult on a mobile device.

The ACP error log is completely clean. I'm now rebuilding all of the caches but doubt that will help.


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Edit the src/config.php file and add the following:
ini_set('display_errors', true);

Or if you are on an Apache server, add this to the .htaccess file:
php_value display_errors 1

Then load the page again to see if there is any detail on the error.

Tracy Perry

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I've found a large amount of the time when nothing has changed on your forum (upgrades or new add-ons) then the majority of the time it's something that the hosting provider has done on the back end in one of their "updates". And they will usually deny it the first few times when approached and then "all of a sudden" remember that they did make changes.