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XF 1.4 Big Board Importer Issue

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by WSM_TechMedia, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. WSM_TechMedia

    WSM_TechMedia Member


    I have a general issue / question on the Big Board Importer script.

    The Export.php not only uses the source database but also the target database ($this->db).
    What I don't understand is this for example:

                    $users $this->db->fetchAll('
                        SELECT user.*, COALESCE(IF(customavatar.dateline, customavatar.dateline, customprofilepic.dateline), 0) AS avatar_date, COALESCE(IF(customavatar.dateline, customavatar.width, customprofilepic.width), 0) AS avatar_width, COALESCE(IF(customavatar.dateline, customavatar.height, customprofilepic.height), 0) AS avatar_height, LOWER(SUBSTRING(PASSWORD(MD5(CONCAT(user.salt, user.userid))), 2)) AS remember_key,
                            (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ' 
    $this->sourceDb '.' self::$tablePrefix 'reputation as reputation INNER JOIN ' $this->sourceDb '.' self::$tablePrefix 'post as post ON (post.postid = reputation.postid) INNER JOIN ' $this->sourceDb '.' self::$tablePrefix 'thread as thread ON (thread.threadid = post.threadid) WHERE post.visible = 1 AND thread.visible = 1 AND reputation.userid = user.userid AND (reputation > 0 OR (reason = \'\' AND reputation = 0))) AS like_count
                        FROM ' 
    $this->sourceDb '.' self::$tablePrefix 'user as user
                            LEFT JOIN ' 
    $this->sourceDb '.' self::$tablePrefix 'customavatar as customavatar ON (customavatar.userid = user.userid)
                            LEFT JOIN ' 
    $this->sourceDb '.' self::$tablePrefix 'customprofilepic as customprofilepic ON (customprofilepic.userid = user.userid)
                        ORDER BY user.userid
                        LIMIT ' 
    . ($limit 10000) .', 10000
    This part of the code tries to access a table customprofile in the xenforo database which of course never exists. How is this supposed to even work?

    Furthermore: The script assumes that the target database and the source database both have the same table prefix which also seems to be a bug. The user table in vBulletin is "user" in XenForo it's "xf_user".

    Has anyone experienced the same issues? Or am I just misunderstanding the script?

    Thanks a lot for hints and comments.

  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

  3. WSM_TechMedia

    WSM_TechMedia Member

    Thanks Chris!

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