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Better trophy customization

Dion Sune Jensen

Active member
This is something i would really love to see in an add-on (simply to keep core clean).
  • The ability to have trophies check various things about the client, like their resolution, browser, OS etc. so that you can, for example, make a trophy for running certain browsers.
  • The ability to award a user a specific trophy via admin interface
  • Tied in with the above one, the ability to create trophies which cannot be recieved automatically, but has to be given by a staff member.
  • The ability to tie an image to the trophy instead of using html or css to add it.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The last 3 have already been suggested in the core suggestions forum.

I haven't seen anyone ask for browser specific criteria before though.

Dion Sune Jensen

Active member
There's a first time for everything :) and afaik it's easy to check via javascript, even thou it's not 100% precise, it's good enough for my purpose

Dion Sune Jensen

Active member
Another idea would be for the ability to give trophies on certain forum actions, like getting one for linking your account to facebook etc.