Beta 5 release and noticeable changes in phrases


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sorry to disturb, but I'd like to ask one thing.

After upgrading to Beta 5 we've encountered (and possible other admins, who run forum in other language than english) one problem - our forum uses russian language as default, so no one could register because of checkbox in the phrase i_agree_to_terms_and_rules. Of course, we've missed that checkbox in our translation...

I understand, that we should check outdated phrases after upgrade, but we are using a "homebrewed" utility to make a crowd-source translation, so we've found that problem too late.

Maybe noticeable changes like this, which can affect functionality of the forum, should be mentioned in the Upgrade instructions?

Thanks for your time.


I like the idea, specialy "big changes" in files for 3rd party developers & in the phrases would be nice.


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Keep in mind that this is still a beta and really everything is liable to break/change unexpectedly. :)


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I did perform an upgrade and was wondering why nobody was registering to my board :D
The phrase was changed and I had to modify it.


That's impossible^^

For example, i'm having selenium tests for my vBulletin boards, which test automaticaly the board.
After big changes(add-on installation, upgrade,..), i'm running them on my testboards, so i can make sure, that nothing will break my board^^