Beta 2 Release / Server Requirements List


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Any approximation as to when Beta 2 will be coming out (days, weeks, months) for those of us who are having installation issues that Mike said Beta 2 would hopefully resolve. I'm eager to get started with it, so I am kind of in limbo until this release.

BTW... is there a comprehensive list of server software requirements to run XenForo? When I ran the test script it said I was good to go, but am having problems getting it to install. Possibly I have something conflicting and I can change the configuration on my server if there is a list of what I need to make sure what is configured or what not to configure into my build.


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Please see this from Kier on the ETA of Beta 2:
  1. We don't have a firm ETA, though I expect it to be available in the coming week.
  2. The upgrade process is similar to the installation process
  3. Existing modifications to CSS and templates will remain untouched, but there will be fairly significant changes to CSS in the default style, as I warned in the Beta 1 release announcement.

The server requirements have been updated slightly since first posted.
See this post:


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OK... I just did a rebuild of PHP with Fast CGI disabled and it seems to have allowed me to install it without error this time, so those who are experiencing problems with the errors may want to try and make sure Fast CGI is not enabled.


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You've got something else not working right then. I'm running fastcgi here under apache w/o issues. If you aren't running fcgi you are most likely running as the user apache instead of the actual virtual server's username. This can lead to cross account reading of files.