Best Way to migrate from vbulletin 4.x (with dbseo) to Xenforo..


Suggest best way to migrate to Xenforo from Vbulletin 4.x (latest with dbseo) to Xenforo..
Things to keep in mind etc.
This is our existing forums setup =
We want to try migration on or
(which will be better here, so can easily be transferred to

I came across some, some articles for migration, but did not save/bookmark those, kindly guide.

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It makes no difference what the temp directory is.

Once the import is complete, the XF installation can be easily moved to the final location by moving the files and updating the Board URL in the ACP.


More suggestions please. (forum with 1 million + posts)
If anyone can guide with step by step process.
I saw xenforo youtube channel (thanks to developers)
If there is a video on migration from vbulletin to xenforo will be helpful

Sorry, Couldn't revert back since few last week's as was hospitalized.