XF 1.1 Best way to Import VB Subscriptions


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I just went though a test import/migrations and noticed that the subscriptions did not imports.

Since there is no default import for this, and tyhere is no way I will manually be adding those users, I guess I can do a simple CSV import into the correct tables.

Please let me know which are all of the tables used by XenoForo's "User Upgrades" system so that I can do this import correctly and know which field to look for and map them.

Im sure this will nto fix the problem with reoccurring payments because paypal will be sending payment IPN's to different url but I would at least like the users to keep the "Upgraded user" status and for that secondary usergroup to be removed once the subscription is over.

BTW, will the secondary usergroup be removed if they had that usergroup before they "subscribed"?

I would appreciate anyone's experience with this.

Thanks Jake. After reading that thread I do see a a few problems, especially since im on vb3 so the best route route for me to be to just import the data.

All I would need to do is map the Vb table fields: vb_paymentinfo, vb_paymenttransaction and vb_subscriptionlog
to the Xf table field: xf_user_upgrade_expired and xf_user_upgrade_log (Am I missing any other tables where payment, upgraded user info would be registered)

Some fields look obvious look obvious but some (transaction_details) I would need to figure out what to put in there. I would need to make some payments to see how things get registered int he database. Is there a way to use a test paypal email for this?

AFAIK it's just the four tables starting with xf_user_upgrade.

vB3 subs are probably identical to vB4 subs in the database. vB4 was based on vB3 and many systems have the same schema.
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