Best way to handle missing trailing slashes in routes?


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Okay, lets say I have a URL:

What I would like to do is retrieve this string as a parameter and send to actionIndex.

The problem then becomes a missing trailing slash.

The url prefix/string would not go to the actionIndex. It would instead try to find actionString. However, if I instead had prefix/string/ (notice the trailing slash), it will go to actionIndex with the parameter being the string. What would be the best way to ensure that "string" gets resolved as a parameter, and never gets seen as an action route?

I was thinking perfect in the route controller, automatically appending the trailing slash using:
$routePath = rtrim($routePath, '/') . '/';
This technically works, and doesn't obfuscate urls such as prefix/string/edit.

However, would this be best practice, or would there be another way?