Best vps hosting with ssl


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Hello everyone,

I'm in search for a good vps host to manage 2 wordpress blogs and 1 xenforo forum, mostly for european costumers.
It must be very fast and have ssl...
who's the best at this moment?


Liam W

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I would recommend Hostigation, I'm with them and am very happy. I'm on the 513MB KVM one - it runs my XenForo and 2 WordPress sites, plus a Piwik.

You can also get semi managed service with a cPanel license.

Not sure what you mean by must have SSL though :/
Can definitely recommend UK based Nimbus Hosting:

Been superb since we switched to them and the support is top notch.
Totally agree with Case and I could not have stated it better, they are a great bunch to work with!... :notworthy:

Check them out at Nimbus Hosting ( - they are based in the UK so great for your European customers.

We use them and our site ( is very speedy (typically gets 91/100 on Firebug) and Nimbus also provide and install SSLs.

All this AND Free setup/migration too.

Cheers... :D