Best SHOUTBOX for Xen 2?

I want to add a shoutbox again and I remember the last time I had one it was seamless, at the top of my home page and fit the boards color scheme too... Images could be dropped in it, etc.

Who's got the best? I want one this week.

Thank you.


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Siropu chat is the best,
Nice.. This is the one I saw too and was wondering if theres anything better like I had an AJAX on my vBulletin years ago.. Thats the one I was describing above.

Where can I buy this new one NOT in Euros? is there an option?
Thanks dude.. I have a long time webmaster but just spoiled by all the VB goodies and hacks they had to mess with members... Xen 2 is tame.

Euphanizer, Tachey goes to Coventry, [You] hack (everyone saw their name there lol),