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For what?

Migrating / Converting / Importing from x to XenForo?
Fresh installations?

BigSoccer Tech

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Thanks. The rating counts and download counts were low enough that I wanted to ask. All that being said, I have successfully moved 25mm posts to Xen!

BigSoccer Tech

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It's still going on. The command line importer has a ton of bugs which we rewrote over the past month or so. But then during live imports things go wonky. Luckily we imported in reverse chron order and the unlocked threads as they were safe, so we could reopen and keep importing along the way.

The thing I really need is a way to recreate the usercp forum list. I'm gonna custom code it unless you guys have ideas...


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Good idea on doing a reverse order import and reopen. I've been mucking around with doing a direct SQL import for the big tables (threads, posts, users, etc.) and just bypassing the datawriters for those content types... I think them I'm done with it, it should be pretty fast (as fast as the database server could load a backup .sql file for example).

BigSoccer Tech

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There's a plugin here for watched forums. But it doesn't do what the vb usercp does, which is give you a list of jsut the forums you are subscribed to, but they look just lik ethe main forum list. follow?