XF 2.2 Best practices for XF phrase customizations


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I will be editing some of the default XF phrases in my test environment and will then need to import them into my production environment. I don't want to lose the custom phrases with future XF updates.

Can I change the "Add-on" for a XF customized phrase from XenForo to my own custom addon? What is the best practice to achieve this?

Yes. By default it will only export phrases which have been modified (differ from the master language), which is what you want.

It will also properly track changes so that any outdated phrases will be displayed if they are updated in the master language (ie. updated in the core software or an add-on).
Thanks, that worked :)

For completeness, this is what I did

Selected English (US)


Edited some phrases, including XFMG, XFRM and some third party addons

Exported the language


Imported, overwriting the English (US) language

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