Best Practice - Past Members & email addresses


We are using XenForo not only as a club resource but as our club communication tool. As such, we are running into a couple of issues and I am curious what best practice may be:

1) Dropped Members: We have guys who were in for a few years, then sold their cars and dropped out. I don't want to delete them as a member as that breaks the post/thread chains. But at the same time, they really aren't part of the bunch anymore. I looked at User_State and I guess I could fake something here but using a particular state for dropped members and not having that indicated may become messy for someone who eventually will take over for me. Any ideas on how to best do this. Is there a MOD to add a User_State: Non-Active or Dropped

2) Bad Email Address: XF really wants an email address for members. But those tend to get ignored since the user remembers his logon credentials and gets in and out as he needs. The issue is when we send a mass email and start getting bounces. Occasionally you find that guy who just doesn't respond, has moved on, whatever. Am I being anal by wanting to deal with that invalid address. I can change the User_State to 'bounced" but is there a better way to deal with this

3) Email Verification: Is there a suggested practice to send a note to every user and cause them to verify their email address and/or other contact information. Any tips on the best way to do this

Thanks to the brain trust who are really helpful to us newbies



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Create a "disabled' secondary usergroup and add them all to that...set group permissions to "never".

Forced password resets will force members to update their email addys. Be sure you create a Notice for members who can no longer log in due to non-accesible emails for them to contact you for email updates.

I've tried to get Xenforo to allow notices to target this type of user, but my request has been ignored. Means being a bit creative with your efforts to notify them. (I basically created a dismissable notice that targeted every user that registered prior to the forced-reset date)