XF 2.2 Best practice for shared functions


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This is an ultra generic question, but is there documentation on when a repository or service class should be defined?

I have a few functions I'd like to share across public and admin controller classes, curious what location I should place them in as best practice.
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Repositories are generally (but not exclusively) used for abstracting database operations.

Service classes are useful for more complex operations where there is a preparation step and then an execution step (eg sending mail).

You don't have to use either - you could just create a standalone utility class.

I also sometimes use SubContainers when I want to encapsulate a bunch of code that requires some dependency injection - which can also be useful for managing standalone utility classes if they also have dependencies you need to inject. See this post: https://xenforo.com/community/threa...ependency-injection-in-xf.195587/post-1523025
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