Best Place to Sell a Forum?


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I have sold hundreds of websites over the years, but I haven't sold a website in about 5 years. I've let some websites die and imported the content to another website before doing so, but I have also allowed many websites to just tick over.

I have a couple of forums I want to sell. I had always had plans to monetise them better before selling, but I'd rather focus my time and energy on new projects.

I have sold a few large websites on Flippa, but under the $15K mark I've always found Flippa to be a waste of time and a waste of money. EmpireFlippers is another option, but they don't seem to be an active seller of forums (plus they didn't respond to me when I contacted).

Where else would others consider a good place to sell a forum?

I assume there are are some forum owners here that have sold on their communities over the last few years so I would love to hear how you guys found a buyer :)


Sadik B

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If there are any members on your forums, one good option is to ask the most active members. The organisation I work for recently sold a forum to one of the most active members.


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There are lots of dedicated sites on the web that deal solely with selling sites, if you google it.
I mentioned the two most popular in the initial post. I'm aware of sites like Flippa (I have hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales there and have sold forums there in the past). I have also sold on webmaster forums etc. I was looking for different options.

Make a call to, he may be interested in buying some
Thanks. I'll check them out.