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Best Place to Sell a Forum?


Active member
I have sold hundreds of websites over the years, but I haven't sold a website in about 5 years. I've let some websites die and imported the content to another website before doing so, but I have also allowed many websites to just tick over.

I have a couple of forums I want to sell. I had always had plans to monetise them better before selling, but I'd rather focus my time and energy on new projects.

I have sold a few large websites on Flippa, but under the $15K mark I've always found Flippa to be a waste of time and a waste of money. EmpireFlippers is another option, but they don't seem to be an active seller of forums (plus they didn't respond to me when I contacted).

Where else would others consider a good place to sell a forum?

I assume there are are some forum owners here that have sold on their communities over the last few years so I would love to hear how you guys found a buyer :)