Best Desktop Recording Software?

The Dark Wizard

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I need to make some instructional videos for our community and I was wondering what users here have used.

Not going to be using a webcam or anything, just want to show people how to do a few things on our site, etc.

Chris D

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I've been using Adobe Captivate...

I gather it's not cheap, but I have access to a license.

Brandon Sheley

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I've used Camtasia as well, it's a good product but I don't think it's free.
Are you looking for free or paid options?

OSS 117

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Camtasia is better than Captivate in my experience. Captivate is buggy and slow to get simple things into the renderer.

Adam Howard

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I used this to make my videos here on XenForo. Allows you to add sound tracks and even video voice overs. Easily uploads them to YouTube. Xomes with an in-built video editor where you can split your recordings and add text in between two clips, creating a slideshow effect.

BlueBerry FlashBack Express Recorder

This one is cool because it will allow you to record both your desktop and you at the same time. So people not only hear your voice, they can see you. Think picture in picture.


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If you don't want to spend any money to try software out or if you insist on trying desktop software before you buy... - ms win (home)

Free with the option to purchase a lifetime license or uninstall it after 30 days.

I have captivate and tons of other software as well as external hardware for recording and editing any source, but when I am doing something fast and simple and am not inserting menus, overlaying text or images or adding secondary audio samples into the mix, I use this exclusively. It is simple to use and setup, opens instantaneously, works quickly and flawlessly and really saves a bunch of time when I am not needing to use something really high end with every option known to man.

It not only captures video from boxed regions to full-screen, it also can snap images in full screen (while open the print screen button automatically snaps and opens up the image editor by default but can also be set to auto save it to an image file as well as send to print queue, email, ftp transfer or the a bunch of the apps from the office software suite) as well as objects, windows and scrolling windows like when you have a webpage that scrolls down for 10000 can also set it to freehand capture a region which is cool but I don't really use it as I just manually blur things that I don't want people to see.

There is a lot of other functionality as well but I figured I would point out some of the basics of the app since I use it and I like the way that company does business.
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