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For years I have used the button to clear the message field from and b, i, and u but also from url, and mail.
It seems that the behaviour is now changed; I can clear bbcodes like b, i, and u, but not url or telephone numbers.

How can I have the old behaviour back, please? This costs me a lot of time and nerves now.
Well... since URL/telephone numbers and such are not actually formatting... why would you expect it to remove anything other than the bold, italic, underline and such. It's not a "remove BB code" button. Or are you referencing "custom" BB code?
If it was doing otherwise before...it may have been a difference in the editor compared to redactor?
I personally don't consider fields like URL or anything else as formatting...
Already discussed here:

Whether hyperlinks constitute formatting or not, removing them with the said button was pretty convenient. Possible in 2.2.11, but sadly gone in 2.2.12.
Agreed... but I still am of the position that URL and such are NOT formatting as far as an editor is concerned. Just because it "used to be" does not over-ride the change to a correction (literal) of what the button purports to provide.
To me, as someone who has had to deal with regular documentation of projects... a URL is not formatting... it is a function.
Formatting is, and really always has been, massaging of the display of text itself... not functionary in nature (formulations, links and such).
why would you expect it to remove anything other than the bold, italic, underline and such.
You probably have never used this function in my way, or else you would not ask.
As written in my best perfect English, I have used this function now for years.
Suddenly my daily workflow is disturbed because someone had the idea I must be like this.

And yes, I expect that my workflow will be like before; because this costs me too much time.
And yes, I can't understand why someone can change such important things without the option to use them like before.
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The problem is unfurl for example.
With [remove formatting] the url, it was easy to reset things, when a link was wrong;
also, phone numbers could be reset and easily changed.

If you change now the link text or a number, you don't change the link! And so you don't change the preview.
This is a real problem now without this way of resetting mail, url or phone.
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