XF 2.2 Restoring SHIFT+TAB functionality to return back to the message field after replying?


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In my specific user-case it was extremely useful to do the following:
  • Reply via quick-reply, click "Post Reply"
  • The message gets posted, I am still on the same page
  • I Type SHIFT+TAB to go to the quick reply quick-reply textfield again
  • Now I can repeat the whole process all over again
Now for some reason this functionality broke a few months ago.
I am wondering: Is this due to Xenforo? the theme? Firefox?

SHIFT+TAB now goes all the way to the footer, and then "climbs" up again as I rotate more through SHIFT+TAB.
Video showing this behavior:

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Now my question:
Is there any way to revert this behavior?
I need a way to get back to the quick-repy text-field with a keyboard shortcut. Without using the mouse obviously.

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