Before buying, I would like to know if I can export users/profile information


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Is there a way to export Custom User Field data to CSV or Excel ?

We want to create some extra user fields, such as: Club Name, Club Address, Club Web Page, Club Membership ID. #, etc.

Is there a way to export all users including Customer User fileds data to CSV or HTML page or whatever?

Thanks in advance,

Unfortunately there isn't a built in CSV export system. You have full access to your data so it would be possible to make it, but it would require some custom development work.
Isn't this just a pretty simple mysql command though? "Custom development work" makes it sound like something expensive when it's really just 10 minutes work (or some quick googling you could do yourself).
With custom fields, it's more complicated to access in pure MySQL, though it is doable. The data spans multiple tables though and requires a couple different approaches with joins.
Thank you for your quick responce. Does Xenforo has this on the roadmap? I have seen asking multiple users for the same functionality. We want to migrate from vBulletin. In vBulletin we use this option very often. So this would mean a dealbraker for us.

Having such a functionality would be highly appriciated.

Honestly, I can't say I've see a specific suggestion for this. I've looked and while I see things about importing users from CSV, I didn't see much about exporting. I don't think it's a bad idea, but I really couldn't suggest whether it would appear in a particular version.

I did find an add-on, but I hesitate to mention it because, based on one of the reviews, it appears to only export in XML. Leaving it here just for reference though:
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