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[bd] Tag Me

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[bd] Tag Me 1.1

1. Tag other user easily with @ syntax
2. Tagged user will receive an alert (disable via Alert Preferences, you won't receive alert from ignored user though)
3. Supports 2 working modes: using URL BBCode or using a custom BBCode (make it possible to customize the link, for example: open up the member card)

1. Upload files/directories under upload to your XenForo's root
2. Import addon xml
3. Start tagging
4 (optional). Go to AdminCP > Options > Messages. Configure to not remove the prefix or set a different limitation yourself.

Version 1.1 (released Dec 3rd, 2011)
1.1.1 Improved user database query
1.1.2 Added support for thread prefix in alerts
1.1.3 Added preference in Alert Preferences
1.1.4 Sending alert about ignored users no more
1.1.5 Added Custom working mode

Screenshot (it's long, sorry):


  • [bd] Tag Me 1.1.zip
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Highlighted feature
  1. Alert up on tagged
  2. Accept multiple words username (just use the simple @hello world and it will find out you want to tag user "hello word")
  3. Smart enough to not interfere with URL tags

TTI Cosmo

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This doesn't seem to be working for me... I followed the instructions:
  • Upload files
  • Import XML
  • Tried to tag a member
...Nothing :(
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