Implemented Force uploaders to Tag Media & Specific Tag


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I find that tagging is overlooked and underused. Here is my suggestion.

If the admins could have an option to force uploaders to tag media by a tag you created.

Everytime a user uploads a video or picture to a category. I want it to be mandatory to Tag the video/picture. And he would not be able to choose the tag. I will provide a list of tags which he can choose only 1 from.

Here's an example:




White Cars
Blue Cars
Red Cars
Yellow Cars
Green Cars
Pink Cars
Black Cars


I decided to add images to my suggestions.

This is the upload page. You can see 3 things. I uploaded 2 images to the BMW category, I can set all tags in one click for multiple images, and there is a drop down menu to choose the tag.


Here you can see the Tag ive added and the ability to add more tags, and option to force users to choose a tag when uploading images


And in my other suggestion thread being able to sort by tags

Please reply if you support my suggestions


-suggestion transfered from xenresources-

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I think I'm actually going to mark this as implemented as I think it is implemented as far as we would take it.

The implementation isn't necessarily as Gallery specific as you are suggesting, but with it being a content agnostic system, it's very unlikely there will ever be content specific controls over some of this stuff. Most of the stuff below actually applies to threads and resources, too:

To address the suggestion directly...

It is possible to force users to add tags to new content. In the gallery you can set the "Minimum Required Tags" on a per category basis or enforce it for all albums. If you set this to 2 (for example) then the user is required to add two tags to each media item they are adding to the gallery.

To restrict to some pre-defined tags, you would basically remove the "Create new content tag" permission from the users (this is a global permission in XF 1.5). That way, the 2 tags they choose, must be ones that already exist.

The only way that this suggestion is "not implemented" is that the tags you can choose from are from all available tags, e.g. they cannot be locked down to a set of tags per category/content type (likewise you can't lock tags down to resource categories or forums, either).

Though with that in mind, I feel that this is unlikely something we would implement (certainly not planned as yet). That part of the suggestion if it is still valid would really need to be posted as an XF suggestion.


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woo hoo! I didn't realise there was a new option "Minimum Required Tags" until today from someone else's thread.

After much thought the second part of my suggestion isn't really needed. What you said made sense.

This is exactly what i needed. Now members will be forced to add tags and with the set all tags too.. it will be easy

tank you sir!!


Chris D

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For reference, the minimum tags thing was mentioned in the HYS:
It is also possible to specify a minimum number of tags to be required for media on a per category basis or globally specify a minimum number of tags to be added to media in albums.