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[bd]Medals: How do I get this box to show?:


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First off, I need instructions on how to make my medals 'show'. I don't know if I have the correct setup for them to show. The medals I do have are 260 x 260 pixels and I'm thinking theres a way to make them appear small in the 'thread-view' just under the avatar somewhere. I need to know how I correctly 'issue' them out to members (step by step) because I'm confused a bit.

Secondly, how can I get the medals to show like in this picture with them all neat, in their own space and centered inside of a box-like structure (I don't see any place where I'm allowed to make that show up or I have missed where it allows this):



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Are you using a particular addon for the medals? I need to know how your medals are implemented.
Just using [bd]medals addon. I've removed those sample medals and replaced them with my own. But nowhere does it show me how to display them like they are with this clan's page in the pic above. Here is a link to my medals and I don't see anywhere explaining how they can be shown smaller. I've already tried putting a 'T' so that they show up small but nothing in the addon explains how to assign them to people or get them to show. I added my name to one of the medals and still don't see where they can show up in the profile area like in the picture'd above thread: