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[bd] Alerts [Paid] 0.9.7

Making alert smarter and more useful.

  1. xfrocks

    xfrocks Well-Known Member

    xfrocks submitted a new resource:

    [bd] Alerts - Making alert smarter and more useful.

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    Interesting add-on. I'll certainly be watching this and seeing how it evolves. Excellent work as always. :)

    Would alternate coloured alerts be out of the question for smarter alerting as a suggestion and direction you would be willing to take xfrocks? Say for example Tag alerts = colour1, like alerts = standard colour, quoted alerts = colour2, profile alerts = colour3.

    Hopefully i describe that correctly and it makes sense.
  3. Digital Doctor

    Digital Doctor Well-Known Member

    My first reaction was:
    xfrocks is worth the $10.
    My second reaction was:
    You might be best suited to vBulletin Connect. Try this for $400.
    Just pay the $10.
  4. ggace

    ggace Active Member

    Let it be known, I have spent a good $150 on modifications alone here. I am certainly not doubting the authors ability. I am simply expecting XF to add this in a future release. If they don't? Be certain my $10 will be in the account of the author. Thank you @Digital Doctor but I left vbulletin for XF. I get it. I truly do =)
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  5. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    I wish this and Mass Alerts by Luke Foreman were one addon.
  6. xfrocks

    xfrocks Well-Known Member

    Sorry if the price tag is bad for you :(

    Err, that add-on and this doesn't do anything in common. You should be able to use both add-ons at once without problem. I haven't tested that FYI.
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  7. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    His addon doesn't work for me anymore for some reason. Only mentioned it cause it would be a cool feature of this addon, even though you have a similar feature in BD Tag, but some people will uninstall BD Tag since Xenforo 1.2 has tags. So adding group alerts to this would be perfect timing.
  8. xfrocks

    xfrocks Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I may consider adding the mass alert tool for this add-on.
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  9. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    I'm sold. If and/or when you do I'll purchase this. Hopefully you will. (y)

    edit: I purchased the mass alerts and it still works for me @DRE Add-on conflict?
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  10. DRE

    DRE Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I enjoy your BD Tag mod, but I will uninstall it when I'm able to install Xenforo 1.2 because Xenforo 1.2 will have a tagging feature. I would not leave it installed just to use group tagging since I bought Luke Foreman's Mass Alert addon. But if you added Mass Alert's to this, I would basically be buying Mass Alert's twice with this addon, which is fine by me because that AdminCP feature is a must-have.

    I probably just need to uninstall and reinstall it but if xfrocks adds it into bd Alert's I'll just buy and install his.

    I have way too many addons on my site, according to most of you. If I can uninstall addons while keeping cool features like bd Alerts I will. The odd thing is that this addon, as cool as it is, seems like something the developers may add into a future version of Xenforo.

    Now that I think about it... when you get an alert in this addon xfrocks, does it just add to the same action?

    For instance,

    Tommy liked your post.

    You get an alert for that.

    Then, Josh likes your post. You then get a "Josh and Tommy liked your post"

    When Bryan likes your post, does it then say "Bryan, Josh and Tommy liked your post"

    Does the last person who liked your post, name show up first in the list of grouped alerts?
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  11. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    I'm with you there DRE (and i own mass alerts myself) if xfrocks adds in the mass alert thing I'll purchase right away. Good suggestion btw *refers to your earlier post for adding it in if it does get added*

    I've start removing add-ons (down to 24) soon to be 23 so anything to condense that is all good.
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  12. tafreehm

    tafreehm Well-Known Member

    it seems interesting. Problem with me now is, I cannot comment on any profile message because I have fear what if next two user get into a long conversation ? I will get 10000 alerts (each alert per post).
    If this addon solves this issue, as I do not think 1.2 does. I will be a happy buyer. (I hope you get my point tho)
  13. xfrocks

    xfrocks Well-Known Member

    That's correct. The last person will show up first (and his/her avatar will be used). When there are too many users, they will not display like "and 5 others". Very similar to Facebook's notification.

    Didn't notice the problem until your post. New version will address this issue ;)
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  14. Rambro

    Rambro Well-Known Member

    With TagMe installed, is there a way to merge the alert if someone quotes your post and tags you in the reply? Currently, the system produces two separate alert notices.
  15. xfrocks

    xfrocks Well-Known Member

    I believe the latest version of [bd] Tag Me (v1.7.5) have that issue fixed. Can you try again?
  16. Rambro

    Rambro Well-Known Member

    Its already installed :-/
  17. Rambro

    Rambro Well-Known Member

    Or do you mean Tag Me along side Alerts?
  18. xfrocks

    xfrocks Well-Known Member

    Please post the issue at the add-on thread. It's a bug and this add-on can't fix the issue ;)
  19. Rambro

    Rambro Well-Known Member

  20. xfrocks

    xfrocks Well-Known Member

    xfrocks updated [bd] Alerts with a new update entry:

    Feature update

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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