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[BBCODE] Xbox signature


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This bbcode will allow the members of your forum to add their xbox signature i just putting their name

1. Go into your admincp and media BBcode
2. Add BBcode media
3. Fill in the required fields like this:

  • Media site ID : xbox
  • Site title : xbox
  • Site URL : http://www.live.xbox.com
  • Match URL :
  • Embed html :
    <a href="http://live.xbox.com/fr-FR/profile/profile.aspx?pp=0&GamerTag={$id}/"><img src="http://card.mygamercard.net/{$id}.png" border="0" /></a>
  • and save bbcode
Edit template help_bb_codes

Add at the end :

<li class="primaryContent">
        <div class="bbCode">
            <h3 class="title">[media=steam] - BBcode signature xbox</h3>
            <p class="description">Insert your xbox signature in the thread</p>
            <dl class="exemple">
                <dt>{xen:phrase example}:</dt>
                    [media=xbox]you-pseudo-xbox[/media]<br />

            <dl class="output">
                <dt>{xen:phrase output}:</dt>
                <dd class="baseHtml">
                    <i><img src="http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/6366/signexbox.png"></i>
Page help bbcode:
aide bbcode.png

thread creation:
bbcode test.png

complete thread:
bbcode test1.png

Support français ICI
French support HERE


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This is not allowed in the 'signature', so it will cause more problems than it's worth.
Great idea, just not the best implementation