As designed BBCode Linking Bug (see video)


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I think this is a bug.

I write something and I want to link something which I marked. But still the linking goes on, it doesn't matter what I marked. And the unlinking doesn't work. I mark the words I want to unlink, look. Unlinking deletes all. So I must go to the rich editor and must do a cut/paste.

(At the end of the video you see why the rich editor is not the best option to correct the mistakes. A normal user would not want this and make mistakes while trying to change bbcodes.)

- So if I marked something like in the video, after linked something, it should automatically NOT go on with linking.
- If I didn't mark something, after linking it still should go with linking the text because I didn't marked before.
- And in both cases the unlinking button must give me the opportunity to unlink that words I marked. Not unlink everything.

Hope it is clear. So the 2 bugs for me are that the unlinking doesn't work and it keeps linking even I marked something before.
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As it stands, these are roughly expected. The link continuing does vary browser to browser, but it's down to a question of where the cursor is -- when you insert a link and the cursor is after it, it could be considered valid for the cursor to still be in the link. This is what Firefox does, Chrome doesn't; they would both be valid interpretations.

In terms of unlinking, this is implemented as removing the entire link as this is generally the preferred approach.
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I understand and I didn't know that it varies because of the used browsers. So you say you can't control what Firefox does and this is why it will always see the cursor being in the link even if I marked the word I wanted to link.

But in case of unlinking you could do something. It is implemented as removing the entire link. Yeah. I don't say change that. Just when we mark words and click on unlinking, it should unlink the marked words, not everything. So a little addition is needed. If I don't mark anything and click on unlinking, it can unlink everything just as you designed.

The whole purpose of marking words are in both cases (linking or unlinking) disabled even though I marked. Don't you see this is a bit worth to think about it? Could you add a little tweak in new releases ?