BB Codes to reply menu



How do I add BB codes like spoiler and Soundcloud to the menu above:

Also I got a Soundcloud BB Code but it isn't ideal are there any better ones and can I add them in posts and as a widget?


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This pack contains a SoundCloud BBcode Media Site

This is the definition for the SoundCloud BBccode Media Site on it's own. You won't need a button really for these as all you have to do is post a link to a SoundCloud page that contains something that will embed and it will convert it to the format of the BBcode automatically

The spoiler bbcode is used in BBCM.

I tend to use BBCM for things that are completely local for the most part like spoilers, data templates, embedded local video and things that modify the layout of data in a post while I use the default BBcode Media Sites to embed things from remote sites.