integration for Xenforo?

Just read that Blizzard has a new API out to allow integration for logging in and sharing information. Since I am not a programmer I was hoping someone would investigate to see if something like the Steam login for Xenforo could be made.


Mike Edge

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Anyway, there is still no auth for it.. Unless your using a private server like Mango's or Trinity.. The API has expanded 10 fold though, esp for World of WarCraft armory.


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#6 As far as I understand it there is a full blown auth for it. That is what wowhead uses now. I would really love to get an addon for it.. definetly willing to pay like $20 for one that also asks for the wow.profile scope so I can use it for getting additional data from their profiles into my forum.


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I was actually working on a manual way to interact with the WoW API, Was planning to ask Character name, realm, region and pull in data and avatar that way.
We currently use about 5 custom plugins.
Not sure we will release any of them yet as make us unique :)

Will have a word with our dev, maybe we can give away the battle auth but it won't pull back character's like above. Just let you login via your battle ID.