Batch update users to delete spammers


Other than using the inbuilt spam controls, I've been using the batch update users function to identify and delete spammers en masse. About 20,000 of them so far! Quite a lot register then lie dormant for ages, so you don't catch them with the spam cleanup tools. You have to double-check them and filter out the real users, but here's some of the criteria I used:

  • users with certain keywords in their profile fields
  • banned users who have no posts (these have been previously spamcleaned)
  • email addresses with .ru
  • usernames beginning with ! or containing #
  • email addresses with + in them (still trying to figure these out: are they some kind of disposable email address?)

Any other criteria you use when trying to find spammers?

(There's one type of spammer that only puts the word "Man" in their About profile field. Unfortunately, just searching for "Man" turns up tons of false positives; I wish there were a way to search by "Profile field is exactly X" rather than just "Profile field includes X"... unless I'm missing something?)
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