Not a bug Batch thread moving works uncertain

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Threads from categories with total post number from 5K to 40K are moving to another category with new prefix without redirect. For this I select all thread and mass move it. After several minutes loader in the top right corner stops, but popup is not closing. If I check destination category, threads are there, but they are still selected for moderation. Sometimes after loader stops xenforo shows error in browser debug. Server logs are shows:

2019/11/20 21:22:44 [error] 10286#0: *9039 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client: IP, server: server_name, request: "POST /talk/inline-mod/ HTTP/1.1", …

It seems that threads moved correctly, but who knows?

Chris D

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By "batch thread moving" you seem to actually mean moving threads by the "inline moderation" feature (i.e. clicking on the checkboxes and selecting "Move threads" from the inline mod bar).

This isn't actually designed for batch moving, per se. At least not with the quantity of threads you seem to be talking about.

We'd recommend moving no more than a couple of pages of threads at a time with this method. It's designed for moderators to make certain moderation tasks simpler, rather than for restructuring your forum.

There is a "Batch update threads" feature in the Admin CP. We would recommend doing this with thread moves and this would happen without encountering any timeout issues.