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If I make it too wide, I think the picture quality won't be good :(

But then again I think NBA fans can pick out their teams without much sight, because the team logos are pretty much all unique.

Thanks :) Keep em coming.


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You run basketball forum doesn't mean you will need all those teams logo's on header actually :)

Something like this is enough to nail it ...


Image was taken from google ........about having teams logo on your site what do you think about back ground of your forum :p you can work around and make a pretty background with those team logos probably .
^ I love this!

Thank you so much! I'm actually a newbie with Fireworks and only knew how to copy, paste, and basically take away the white spots, lol. I'm going to use this :) Thanks!

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In your case, specifically, I would highly recommend
As the topic is very easy to discuss so you will get loads of good posts. Unfortunately it doesn't work for my subject but I have used them on another forum and results are pretty good. It gives you some discussions and the appearance of real members (they are real as long as you keep paying)


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I think your style looks very clean :) My only advice on building a forum is not to give up and to keep posting so there's new content on there for others to reply to - even if it feels like you're talking to yourself. It takes time :)
Thanks for all the advice so far :)

Anyways, I finally figured out how to get Xenporta to work. So check out the front page at

Also, I'd appreciate it if you guys could like the Facebook page, in the side bar or visit this link:

Even if you are not a fan of Basketball, a friend or family member might be and by simply clicking Like you might help them connect with a great forum and help me out as well.

By the way, any of you know of any addons that will be great for my forum? I'm new to Xenforo and do not know many modifications.

Thanks again!
Okay does anyone know how I can add a guest message to get them to sign up. Maybe like say something about the community and ask guests to register to participate.