As designed  Bannned User Bug


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As a test, I used spam cleaner to ban a user: spammerz

Then I logged in as the user: spammerz (p/w = spammerz) I am posting the password so you can duplicate the error.

I get a notice that I have 4 Alerts:


But when I click on it I get:


Ok, so I try and log out. Nothing happens, I remain logged in. I cannot log out to switch to my regular username.

FF 3.6 / XF RC3


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The Alerts is not a bug, if you're banned you're not supposed to see them.

But the logout, well, it has 2 sides...
  • It is good that you can't logout because you can't see the forum as a guest now.
  • On the other side, you can just use CCleaner to delete your cookies and cache and it won't know you're banned anymore...
My opinion is that the alerts should stay as they are and that a banned used may log out.


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The log out behavior is intentional.

The alerts not is a bit of both, but nothing is going to change there. :)