XF 1.5 Banning and Restoring Members

The Sandman

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Two questions -

What is the best practice when banning a member - manually remove all of their additional usergroups or leave them be?

When restoring a banned member who previously had earned a post count based promotion to an additional usergroup which had been manually removed - will the promotion cron restore their promotion based on post count or must this be done manually?


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Surely you can just ban them in the ACP. No need to remove them from user groups, the fact they have the banned flag means they can't access anything anyway.


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Go to Users > User Group Promotions > Manage Promoted Users

Search the promotion history for that user. For the user groups that you manually removed them from, you will still see the promotion history for these. Click on each one that you removed them from to demote/disable the promotion. Then click on each one again to re-enable the promotion. The next time the cron runs, the user will be automatically promoted again (if they meet the criteria).