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So I got a banned user. He's following a couple people in my forum and they are tired of seeing his avatar in their whos online box. He was a good guy....that went vicious troll. So he got the hammer. How can I make it so he's not following the people who don't want him following them? I tried the ACP but apparently you can't control that stuff - which seems to be a good idea for future Xen versions.
I am keeping your query in mind as this situation might arise with anybody, but doesn't the discourage feature work on him !

Well the ban works. Apparently they can still see his avatar in the who's online box (idk if it's when he logs on, or if it's just there showing that he's following their profiles, or what). It distresses some of them who considered him a friend. I mean this guy just went postal, nobody knows what happened, he just started trolling and picked a fight one day. He was nice debater before that - never had an issue with him. This though - Forced our hand. All I know is I can't seem to figure it out.
The avatar only show's up in the who's online box for users which the logged in member is following.. meaning your users are following the banned user, not the other way around. They shouldn't have a problem unfollowing him if they don't want his avatar showing up there any more.

Also, discouraging doesn't really have to do with anything in this situation. A ban and a discouragement serve different purposes and it is up to the administrators to decide which is more appropriate.
You could also change the login password for the banned member, temporarily lift the ban, login using their account - unfollow everyone - then logout and re-apply the ban. (y)
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