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So I got a banned user. He's following a couple people in my forum and they are tired of seeing his avatar in their whos online box. He was a good guy....that went vicious troll. So he got the hammer. How can I make it so he's not following the people who don't want him following them? I tried the ACP but apparently you can't control that stuff - which seems to be a good idea for future Xen versions.


Interesting question and problem.

So if someone has tagged you as following you, you see their avatar in "Who is Online"?

"Members Online" in this forum only shows their users names. Where does the avatar show up?

Can a user be deleted from the forum membership? Can you go in and edit the members preferences and remove the "following X" selections? Sounds like a ghost in the machine creation if you ban someone that they leave all these breadcrumbs lying around.

Not sure I understood Mike's answer there. Sounded like there's a "Hide User" function that would need to be applied to each section? Would what Mike suggested be done in one place, editing the person's profile in Admin panel? How much can the admin go in and edit a person's Profile? Can you go in a eliminate all the people the person was following and any other selections that impact other users to the point they see a ghost all the time?
I would think you would need to have that sort of access. Consider this. A user is harassing or maliciously stalking another user by following them, however it's a he said she said, and you wont ban him on such unfounded grounds. You would need to make it so these users are not following each other. You could ask them...but what if one declines? There needs to be some control on who follows who.

I also do not understand Mike's response for mostly the same reasons above.
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