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XF 1.4 Banned Usergroup


Well-known member
Hi there,

Just to confirm, my registered usergroup has a Display Styling Priority of 100 and my new banned usergroup has 101. If I set the usertitle to Banned and when a user is banned they will show as banned with that title providing I set a group via 'Add User group on Ban'?

Since a banned member without a usergroup being set cannot view the forum, if I have created a usergroup do I need to set the 'View' to Never or will it automatically apply as it does without having a banned usergroup?



XenForo developer
Staff member
A banned user is still banned, so the permissions don't (directly) apply -- they will never be able to access anything. The ability to add a group when banning is really about styling. So that user's content will still follow the standard approach with user groups and display styling priority, so the highest will take priority.


New member
How can i put the banned user to banned group? At the moment if I make ban the user see nothing.
I want just put in the banned group. (Read only)