Banned user history not displayed in admin.php


One of my moderators banned a user a couple of days ago. When I look at the banned user's profile in the Admin Control Panel, on the "change log" tab it says "No changes have been logged."

Surely this is not as it was designed to be? šŸ§ If user bannings are not logged on this tab then what is?!

If this is not a bug in XF2.2, how can I see which of my moderators banned the user, please?


XenForo moderator
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The user change log does log when members are banned - for both temporary and permanent bans.


Do you have any add-ons installed which could be involved with that process?


Yes I have 2 add-ons which could interfere I suppose:
[AddonFlare] XF2 Ignore/Block Essentials
Moderator Essentials 2.3.0
I will do some testing and reply later. Thank you for confirming this is not expected behaviour.