XF 1.5 Badges without using Trophy system


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I'd like to show a badge for members who get a certain number of likes.

Unfortunately the "Trophy" system seems to be all or nothing. I have opted to go with user Ladder based on "Message Count". It doesn't make logical sense to me to identify users' seniority and experience other than by their number of posts.

In order to have a visual badge appear based on # of likes, I would have to completely disable this option and go with the Trophy System, which is a completely different paradigm.

I really feel that badges should be separate from "Senior Member, New Member, etc" which are important distinctions based on message counts. I'm not sure why its either/or.

Not sure what to do. Any suggestions? Are there addons that show a trophy based on "X" Like count only?

PS: Im aware of the "likes" trophy ladder option, but this also completely disables the "Messages" option. The problem of "either/or" remains. I don't think badges show up with the "likes" option. Only with the Trophy option. o_O
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