Backup to S3?


Hi everyone.

Is there an option within the XF Admin UI to configure backups? Ideally, write to AWS S3 or something along those lines? Or do I need to rely on my CLI skillz (tm) to backup my site?
I wrote shell scripts to backup the database and files (separately), make a copy to a backup drive, and separately download a copy to a file server at my house. My script also prunes older copies. I recommend keeping copies in different places and periodically validating the backups work.
I use rclone to pass my backup files to various locations, one of which is OneDrive, which is then mirrored on my NAS at home. So I have four copies of the complete set of files, on a rolling rotation every seven days.

I doubt this could ever be part of XF as everyone has different hosting situations and file permissions. Best to do it as a shell script.
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