XF 1.0 Backup templates before upgrade?

I've made a few changes to my theme and template files, added adsense into the theme etc etc. I want to upgrade, but I don't want to have to re-add all of my customizations.

I went to appearance > styles> export to the default theme and the child theme I'm using.

Is this enough to save my changes to all template files? Then I can just overwrite them once I upgrade with my backup and it'll bring back my customizations?


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If you have edited templates and those templates are changed between releases, then they will be marked as outdated and you will have to revert and reapply your customisations.

If you overwrite the new templates from the latest version with your customised templates, you will be removing the existing code and replacing it with out of date code.


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Interested in the export function the OP mentioned. Is that how to copy a template? Ive been using Copy/ Paste into a local folder ready for testing upgrade.

I hadn't thought of overwriting. I anticipate seeing where a template doesn't act as I want and using my notes log and the backups to reintroduce snippets and changes - not a complete overwrite.


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Just for the record the next version of my Edit History mod will store template history from updates and optionally user edits. So you will be able to revert to your template or pick parts from it and apply them back to the XenForo template. Eventually there will be a compare tool which will be VERY handy for this. Link to the mod is in my sig. Hopefully I will get said updates done very soon.


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I would recommend Notepad++ and the compare plug in for comparing two templates.

Of course it's still prudent to keep notes on why you made the edits in the first place.


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I know this thread is a little old, and this is probably a n00b question for you, but I need to know this before I start tweaking appearance. I've looked in the manual and haven't seen this addressed, unless I missed it or haven't went deep enough yet...

In some software it's possible to basically "copy" off the "default" templates, etc....rename the copy to something else, and that copy is what you create into a new style, etc.....that way when you upgrade it doesn't overwrite all the stuff you've changed. Is this possible here?

The default is close to what we are going to want anyway, so is it possible to copy off this default style and then change that?

I really don't want to have to rewrite every change on every tpl or css at every upgrade, so how's the best way of changing the styling of the forum without having to do that?