Not a bug background-size: contain for avatar images


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When the full profile image is larger than the current 96x96 Pixel, it will not display correctly as it is in the screenshot here. This always keeps the image within the div:
style-properties&group=general#_avatar: background-size: contain;
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I'm confused as to what you're reporting as the size for a medium avatar is always 96x96; it can't be any bigger.


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I thought the admin could change the different size categories higher or lower and then after some later changes there might be different values for the uploaded medium avatar size and the style medium avatar size. If this is not the case it is not a bug.

I use a single Scalar Vector Graphics for all my guest users, and this image fits perfectly in every location (small, medium, big, even the profile page as I uploaded the image with this size). Just at this particular popup the vector doesn't scale.