XF 2.2 background-position-y and Postbit


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I have an add-on I am working on that allows members with the permission to upload an image to use as a banner in the message user info column (postbit), or on the right column (message block). When they upload an image, the member can also set the background-position-y for the image.

When the image is used on the right column, the background-position-y setting is respected, in normal and responsive modes. However when the image is used on the left side, the background-position-y setting is ignored. In responsive mode (when the left column is placed above the message), the background-position-y works again.

If the setting in options is selected to display the background image in the left column or right column, the same templater function is called. The classes are the same as well, with a few minor changes, but nothing that has to do with positioning of the image.

Anyone have any idea why the setting is only ignored when the message user info block is in the left column? Note: using the browser inspection tools, I did manage to move the image y position by changing the image height from 140px down to less than 60px, which is not desirable.

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