Background Image und Header Grafik file not found

Hey you guys,

this is my third or fourth day with the xenforo software and its all brand new to me. all the talk with the bb code and the parsing and so on is like arabic to me so i m sticking to the graphic stuff for the time being.

what i have been trying to achieve is to get my background image up on my page with a nice .png header graphic. the background image is a big one and i dont want it to tile all across the page. i just want it to stay in the middle of the browser window and be fixed when i scroll content. i put the following code in BODY Sonstiges (sorry the xenforo is in German...i m guessing its miscellaneous for the English version) in the admin section:

background-position:center top;

Sologamer is the theme i m using and i m trying to adjust it to fit my needs. The problem now is that whenever i use this in my test environment, the background image will appear. However, if I use the same lines of code for my live board, nothing shows up. The same applies for the header.png graphic which happens to be in the same folder as the background.jpg on the server. When I replace the header.png with the graphic that came with the theme, then the graphic (which is somethingsomething.jpg) shows up on the page. I have absolutely no clue why that is. The path seems to be correct and the files are already uploaded to the server. A little help will be greatly appreciated.

I have also been wondering if there are any "xenforo tutorials" for absolute beginners that have absolutely no clue about bb code and php and parsing and so on. whenever i read the posts, i get completely lost.

Anyway, again thanx for any help in advance



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I accomplished something similar, its in the ACP:

Appearance > [click style] > Style Properties > Header and Navigation > [On left navigation find "header"] > Background [you see that image field? Put your image in there.]

Once done, define the height of the top and bottom of your breadcrumb in "Settings" [again, left navigation], you should see "Height of Header Logo."

To see an example of what I did in there:

It's not one image, it's two images being loaded. The background is what I advised you to do from ACP.

[This post is assuming you're using CSS to accomplish what you want. So, sorry in advance.]

EDIT: Beaten to the punch by Brogan.
thats where i put it. in my styles properties under the body tab i put the path to the background image, no repeat and top for position and it still does not show up


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Did you put the WHOLE url? Especially if you put in a different root?

EDIT: OOooh, Nice skin! :)

EDIT 2: Yup, you have a hierarchy path: [removed]
well i was gonna try and use full css to display the background image but that does not really help if the graphics that i uploaded to the server are not recognized by the software :)

the first method i was gonna use was use the background image as in inline <img> element under the <body> tag in the i guess index.php and then use css with a class to style it furthermore. i just want the background image to be right there in the middle, no tiling nothing so that the stars and the planets nicely align to the left and the right of the xenforo board
the path i used in the acp is styles/sologamer/sologamer/background.jpg. the creator of the theme used this path to display his header graphic which works perfectly


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You have two background images, which is why one is being ignored.


Why is your logo image set as the body background?

If you resolve that then your actual background image will show.
how come there are two background images. when i go in the style properties menu in the acp and click on body i only see one background image or do i need to reset this all somehow


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You may have edited a template at some point, or it could be to do with your style.

The logo should be set in Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Settings: Header Logo Image Path