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Background gradient image wanted


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I've changed the forum icons to css styled boxes.
Currently I'm using the navigation tab gradient image like so:
.node .forumNodeInfo.unread .nodeIcon,
.node .categoryForumNodeInfo.unread .nodeIcon {
background: @secondaryMedium url('@imagePath/xenforo/gradients/navigation-tab.png') repeat-x bottom !important;
border: 1px solid @secondaryMedium;
However, that image is 50px high and my boxes are only 34px so that results in a less than perfect appearance, as shown here: forum_icon.PNG

Unfortunately PSP X2 doesn't support 8 bit transparent images so I can't just resize the nav tab image :(
So if someone could create a transparent gradient to fit a 34x34 px square that would be great :)

While you're at it, I could also do with another gradient to fit an image 41x14px.


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Hey Brogan, do a Google search for ' dynamic drive gradient image maker'.

Works great and you can make them any size.


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If you give me your top and bottom color codes, I can just whip up a rounded box really quickly for you.
The gradient image I'm using doesn't have colours, just varying levels of transparency.
I need it that way so I can use the same image for every background colour.

Hey Brogan, do a Google search for ' dynamic drive gradient image maker'
Yes, I've used that before but as above I just need a transparent image, not using any colours.

It's probably possible in PSP X2 but I haven't found out how to do it if it is.


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I was going to look for that setting and then I realized, Elizabeth will know exactly what you need to do. She knows all the PSP versions backwards and forwards.


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I know. I wanted the hex value so I can save the transparent gradient at a decent opacity whilst comparing it to the background colour it's being applied upon. :)

Give me a second and I'll post something in a moment.


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Brogan - no, you can do transparent gradients in PSPx2, I'm just not sure where you change the setting. But you can change the transparency in the bucket/fill to whatever you want.

I *think* you change how it saves transparency in PNG files in preferences/PNG.



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Ah right, sorry about that, this whole transparent gradient thing is new to me :confused:
Did I mention I was rubbish at graphics? :D

It's actually being applied on 4 different colours:

The smaller gradient is just being applied to 66AA66