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I'd like to be able to create a report/search filter that shows me a list of the authenticated members between two dates, AND have posted at least X number of messages in these dates, call it active members between dates.

I've tried with "Last visited between:" and "Message count between:" but the latest is not restricted to the first criteria, instead is covering the whole activity of the member.

Is there a chance to add a checkbox, in a future release, that restricts the "Message count between:" to the "Last visited between:" period?

Thanks in advance.


XenForo developer
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Those two criteria do work together, but your requirements don't appear to be those criteria. Based on your wording, I believe you're asking for:
  • Users that were active between 2 arbitrary dates. We don't store this; we only know their most recent activity.
  • Posted more than X messages between 2 arbitrary dates. Similarly, we don't store this; we only know their total number of messages.
So it seems like you're after different criteria (which may be unlikely to be something we expose in this search).