XF 1.3 Awaiting Email Confirmation

Hi guys,
I saw that some people have issues with their members not getting the email confirmation for their registration on the boards. I know that it has to do with spam filters etc. but I wanted to ask something else.
Is it possible this issue to occur after a host migration? Few days ago we changed the host of our server. Since then I think all users that register don't get the email confirmation. Is this a possible cause for the issue and how can we fix it?

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Yes, this is quite possible. If the IP address of the server you are on in the past was use by a spammer, the IP will be in quite a few ban lists. Check the IP through something like www.ipchecking.com and if it shows bans contact your host.
First I thought that only few members don't get the confirmation mail. But now I made another account to see if I also won't receive it. Well, I didn't. For now I'm approving all requests manually. But can someone suggest what else I could do to resolve this? I didn't have this problem before the migration.


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Check the server mail logs to see if the emails are actually being sent.

If you don't know how to do that, your host should be able to help.