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XF 1.4 Avatar size


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On all my usergroups I have set "Maximum large avatar file size (bytes)" to 15360 which is 15KB.

I'm doing this because I don't want avatar files with big sizes however due to the fact that XenForo never uses the original image uploaded as an avatar and instead creates 3 copies: S (48x48), M (96x96) and L (192x192), I'm wondering if limiting the file size of the image uploaded as an avatar is a good idea.

If I increase the value of "Maximum large avatar file size (bytes)" to 1024000 (1MB) then it means that I can result having big M and L versions of the avatars? For example if someone uploads an image of 1MB to use as an avatar, then the M and L versions could end having sizes of 100KB and 200KB respectively? Or what are the maximum sizes expected for the M and L versions of avatars?

And another question, currently with my limit of 15KB no one seems to be using animated GIF avatars... if I increase the limit to 1MB then it means that I could end having animated GIFs all around forum_view?



XenForo developer
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The size limit applies only to the largest avatar size; other sizes should be smaller. It refers to the file size after the image is resized down to this size, if needed. (There are some situations, depending on image processor, where this can actually create a larger file size than when uploaded, annoyingly.)

15KB is probably a bit tight, but 1MB is probably effectively not a limit. That said, limiting avatar sizes is likely not that important in XF, as you can normally only get so big with the limited sizes allowed. (Animated GIFs could be the exception to this, though they're not allowed by default by virtue of using GD.)