XF 1.2 Avatar/Profile picture size


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I've set the max avatar size for registered members to 40kB.

But I can upload an image with over 1MB if I want. I can't figure out what is wrong.

Can someone help me, please.


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Ok, I think it's a bug or something. Example of my test:

I'm testing with 200kB picture. Is I set 13312 bytes (13kB) or less it will block the picture from uploading.

But if I set it to 14336 bytes (14kB) or more it allows me to upload that 200kB picture.

I hope staff will check this. @Brogan?


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So, what can I do about it? Because I've set this differently for registered and premium users. If size limit works like says above, then I have to delete this feature from my premium options.


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The size refers to the after resize (to the proper dimensions). Otherwise, you'd be forcing everyone to do their own resizing really. However, it still lets you keep the bandwidth in check, particularly if people upload an animated GIF for example (if relevant).

It's not a particularly obviously limit or "bonus" really.